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Love Problem Solutions

Love Problem Solutions
Love Problem Solutions

Our society is become more complex due to the basic needs and wants some need are essential for the rest of the all people
in this world every boy and girl facing different problem like love marriages and arrange marriages they want to live a life
according to their sweet will of desire but some time they facing different challenges.

Love problem is very hard because sometime the boy and girl facing different issues and they want to solve their issue and problem because every girl and boy wanna complete life sometime the girl love a boy very much but a boy did not like the girl very much he treats the girl like his best friend and he is interested with other girl but the girl had a different feeling for him and she want him forever and to marry with him.

But some time the boy love a girl very much and the girl is not interested with that boy because she is not that type of girl she want to marry but according to her parents decision but the boy is falling in love and he wants that girl forever and marry with her and to make her future housewife.

These problems are very common in this world and every boy and girl facing these issues everybody had a dreams and they want to complete their dreams if a boy like a girl he want that girl or if a girl like a boy she wants that boy but they faces these types of problem but if GOD made for each other than no worries about any thing if some one have these types of problem or the other matter of problem.

Than you all  share your issues with peer sahib he will solve any problem and gives you best advices which you all worry about it so don’t worry about anything.

Share your feeling and ask any question peer sahib gives you wazeefa or any thing else.