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Husband Wife Dispute

Husband Wife Dispute
Husband Wife Dispute

Husband wife dispute the most beautiful and attractive relationship is husband and wife which our merciful GOD love the relationship of husband and wife.

When the two couples are made for each other a great marriage is not something that just happens it’s something that it is created by
nikah a good women is only for a good men and a good men is only for a good women.

The husband and wife relation is very strong and effective if they are the strong fighter they can fight over any problem and make the best possible version of their relationship but if they have no powerful relation means the husband is not in favor of his wife like he didn’t like his wife very much and fight with her and make hardship with her.

The wife is become lose her strength and she become humble but some times the husband love his wife very much but the wife is very rude she did not care of her husband and sometime.

She in not agree any problem and issue which her husband telling to her she always do what she wants and that is not fare because ALLAH love the relation of husband and wife and they are binding towards each other which is sunnah like our prophet (SAW).

There are number of people have different types of problem sometime the wife side of problem and sometime the husband side of problem like divorce problem fight and hardship problem understanding problem love problem the all things that many couple are facing if any one is suffering through these type of problem and any other talk to the peer sahib he is very trust able and solve the problem of married life.

So share your problem and he will gives you possible advice and gives you taweez or wazeefa for love.