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Love Marriage ExpertIn our society there are numbers of people they love towards each other but the main thing is the boy love a girl or a girl love a boy they want to marry and live forever but there are some reason the main reason is financial problem sometime.

The boy is financially rich and strong but the girl is needy family they didn’t buy expensive furniture for the rest of the girl so her family is not agree with that but sometime the girl is financially strong.

But the boy is not rich to fulfill the needs of her future wife so both families were not agree with that because they worry about her that the boy cannot provide all facilities which must be provided for but he is not rich and cannot afford the all needs of his wife but if he had a great job he can complete his duty.

Sometime the boy or girl facing caste problem the girl is belong to Muslim family and she love a christian boy and he love her so much and want to marry with her and live with her forever but again the family issues that the girl family did not agree with that because they don’t want to marry his daughter with christian boy they were not agree with this there are lot of reasons and problems.

Which the lovers are facing these problem and they want to solve their problem and issues because there are lot of reason that the family did not accept but if God wants and if they are belong to christian, hind, Muslim and any other religion but they are made for each other than no one can stop it so if any one facing any problem in love so they have to talk to Zakir Ali Shah is very intelligent and solve the problems of lover and give effective advises.